Your Blog is Illegal and You Don’t Know It: Here’s Why

No one is supposed to ignore the law.

I don’t know if this famous motto exists in other countries, but I don’t hope for them because it’s certainly one of the dumbest and most meaningless phrases that are, of those that also make the charms of dear republic, who loves to gargle with all-round formulas.

Unfortunately it is necessary to deal with, and if not to bump the learning by heart of the entire penal code, it is better to know a little about the rights but above all the obligations related to his professional activity.

And there are a few legal obligations on the internet that concern us all, especially bloggers. Why bloggers in particular? Precisely because of the very nature of the blog, which alone brings together the main features of all websites: open discussions, editorial responsibility, collection of private information about contributors, dissemination of content subject to specific rights, but also… keywords (yes, let’s see why and how), etc.

All in an ultra-simplified format accessible to everyone. It is precisely in this ease of creating a blog that can arise possible problems: anyone who can open his notebook on the web, and quickly find himself confronted in spite of himself with legal problems that go far beyond him. In other words, the gap between the ease of creating content on the web and the “skills” required to do so is great. A blog is a media, and is not publisher who wants: you have to take some precautions and know at least the b.a-ba of publishing to be able to blog quietly.

Do you believe in the legality of your blog? Not so sure. Here are 10 points to check to make sure your blog is perfectly compliant with the legislation.


According to the law of 21 June 2004 for confidence in the digital economy, a blog must be available to its readers

  • The name of the editor or co-director of the publication and, if necessary, the name of the editor
  • The name, name or name and address and phone number of the host.
  • For individuals: their names, first names, residence and telephone numbers and, if they are subject to registration to the RCS or the trades directory, the number of their registration
  • For legal entities: their name or name and head office, their telephone number and, if they are companies subject to the registration requirements of the RCS or the trades directory, the number of their registration, their social capital, the address of their head office

The law provides an exception for non-professional individuals who, in order to preserve their anonymity, may disclose only the name, name or name and address of their host, provided that they have provided them with their personal identification.

Information on data collection

Like any website, a blog must inform its visitors of the existence and methods of exercising the right of access to information about them and the right to have it changed (change of name, address, function, etc.), correct in case of error or delete (articles 38 to 40 of the law of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms)

Broadcasting private correspondence

From time to time, we see from time to time published on blogs, especially in the event of a conflict or dispute, excerpts of emails received or sent by the blogger. This is illegal: an email cannot be released publicly without the express and preferable written permission of its author.

Screenshots of websites

I do not have any specific indications about this and it is a personal digression, but on the basis that one cannot freely reproduce a work of the mind or artistic without the permission of its author, it is easy to imagine that all the sites (including the one you are reading) that publish screenshots of other sites are illegal. It’s an extrapolation that doesn’t make much sense, but when you see certain laws sometimes, it’s not that incongruous…

Advertising and affiliate income

This is obvious, but it is never pointless to point out that any income must be tax-returned and may be subject to payroll taxes. Self-employed status should help the last recalcitrants to reach the right path 🙂

Broadcasting music or videos

We all broadcast videos and music on our blogs, with YouTube or Deezer, among others. Ok they are hosted elsewhere and broadcast using an exportable player from legal sites that are deemed to be in compliance with copyright laws. This is for the official speech, which suits us well. But what is really happening? I am unable to say that today, and I wonder who is. We are in a situation of insecurity that is more commonly called legal vacuum. Who guarantees us that the very voracious SACEM will not one day fall short on all blogs that embark a Player Deezer in good faith and ask them for broadcast rights?

Did you read those points? If your blog is perfectly compliant, in its entirety, congratulations, you are an outstanding legalist. That is not the case with Lemon Press, but I will try to correct that in the coming weeks, and I invite you to do the same.

No one is supposed to ignore the law may be a stupid motto, but trouble them, always come from where you don’t expect them…


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5 Things You Need To Know About Asigo System

The Asigo System by Chris Munch

The Asigo System answers every digital marketer’s dream of having a stress-free online store that provides a guaranteed effective mechanism with less hard work through an automated system. It allows you to generate a six-figure profit in less than a year. 

With the upcoming launch of the said system, many digital marketers and eCommerce biz will significantly benefit from the system, especially from a reputable and credible viral digital entrepreneur behind successful training courses, software, and a platform that helps beginner and expert marketers. 

The system alone is very simple and straightforward. While you’re waiting for it’s launch on July 28, 2020. IM or internet marketers are eager to be part of the training program as it offers a quick and easy way for you to have a stable, scalable, and guaranteed passive online income. 


Five Facts About Asigo System 


This training program is strategically created and crafted by established viral and successful digital entrepreneurs. It guarantees its legitimacy through previous courses, software, and testimonials who have first-hand training with the Munch. Chris Munch’s Asigo system breaks the barrier and most straightforward digital marketing like never before while providing an excellent system that helps you generate high-ticket sales. 

Here’s what to expect with this system. Knowing that it’s going to be the highlight of 2020’s digital marketing and eCommerce business leads to guaranteed success. 


  • Asigo System is the fastest and easiest way for a scalable passive digital online business. 

The system allows you to create your online dream business, which generates a massive six-figure income profit with little to no experience or special skills. While it may sound complicated, the structure alone is simple and straightforward. 

This system converts traffic and conversion through automation using the proprietary formula for eService stores. What every digital marketer looks forward to, aside from success, is how it helps upscale your internet business without any technical knowledge or content creation. 


  • It provides and generates a six-figure profit annually.

There are tons of courses, programs, and services that offer a guaranteed six-figure annual profit, but nothing succeeded until Munch’s previous sessions last year. The 100K shout out is a guaranteed success based on earlier people’s testimonials who have availed of the program and how it rapidly changes their lives over time.

While the system guarantees success, it does not promise this success overnight. YOu have to give at least 40 days or more to take effect. While you need to invest minimal effort, you will still need to do your part to succeed. 

This is what the creators, Munch’s guarantees, however, you have to do a few things in your end and the rest, allow the system to work for you. 


  • The system provides automation and reduces hard work on the end part. 

With 93% deducted workloads, the system provides complete automation on your end part while allowing all the complex processes to the mechanism. When Chris Munch said automation, he meant it. 

Automation means you don’t need to communicate with clients/customers or personally talk to them. There is no digital marketing know-how as the system is automatically set up and ready to use. 


  • The system has seven law business proof.

The system is made with the seven-law business proof. It offers fast and easy results while replacing human activities e.i, content creation from copywriters, generating high-ticket sales, preventing competition, growing traffic secrets, and no loopholes.


  • You’ll have a complete ready to use the system. 

Once you have the system, everything is set up, and you can instantly start generating sales. With a pre-built system, there are only a few things to do on your end part. In contrast, the system generates traffic and converts this to sales thanks to its robust formula. 

The system has custom-built tools and software filters with 40+ million predictive and potential buyers in one button press. Save yourself and investment from paid advertisements. 




With this system that has proven done on almost all digital marketers’ hard work, all you have to do is follow the mechanism and start creating money online. Get a proven done on an email campaign, pre-built content, automatically screen buyers, and more. 

There are still many things to reveal with this course but all of which will significantly impact your eCommerce and digital business. Without experience, you can secure your future by taking the course; automation has never been this profitable.

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Crucial Tips for Starting a Business That’s an Immediate Success with Locals

The brand name’s concentrate on regional culture isn’t just call deep, obviously. At all the homes, the style, drink and food programs and even the structures themselves– San Francisco Appropriate is found in a historical flatiron-style structure that’s almost 100 years of ages– are reflective of their neighborhoods. First two tips are excerpts from an interview.

Keep an outsider’s viewpoint

“8 years earlier when we initially discovered the structure and began the procedure of raising capital, lots of people believed we were insane to wish to do a high-end hotel because place on Market Street, nearby to the Tenderloin, where things were quite drowsy and it absolutely didn’t feel luxury or high-end. As outsiders coming back into the city, we saw chance that residents didn’t: It’s actually best at the center of the city, every kind of transit choice passes through, there are a lot of gorgeous historical structures close by … we simply felt like it had a chance to acquire back its position.”

Accept the neighborhood

“We open in locations where we in fact take pleasure in investing time ourselves, and what we  have actually discovered is, if we delight in a place or see prospective in an area, our consumers will share our exact same enjoyment.”

Loyalty & Referral Programs

Loyalty and referrals are exceptionally crucial for regional services since they produce repeat business from existing clients, and they can possibly generate approximately ten brand-new clients merely by word of mouth. Your clients become your ambassadors, marketing your service for you. And, for the many parts, you can quickly start a loyalty or referral program at really little expense.

For loyalty programs, some services, as you have actually seen, simply use a punch card they had actually printed. Others use an application developed into their point of sale systems, like Clover, where the client downloads an app to their smart phone to get points towards a totally free item.


Referral programs reward your client for referring to other clients. Providing a totally free present, a $25 Amazon or Visa card, or perhaps money or credit to the consumers account all work effectively. Some greater ticket services where clients may invest countless dollars for an item may send their consumers a more costly present and consist of extra service cards in the ‘ thank you ‘ card, which suggests that business values referrals.

You go about a loyalty or referral program, and they are shown to work for regional companies and develop a really strong following of repeat company and brand-new consumers.

The Secret is to start

If your company needs brand-new clients, or you are starting a brand-new business, these three tools will start bringing in service quickly. Many of all, you actually need to be constant and continue on with these programs to see them work. Don’t mess around in your marketing, rather construct a method around these tools and see them through.

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