5 Up and Coming Sales Pages Builders for 2020

Gone are the days when getting traffic for a particular website seems to be a challenging task. With options for avenues and sales page building software, the task has become easy. So, when looking for the top sales page builders, check the list mentioned below for boosting company sales and yielding better returns. With this, it becomes easy to capture visitor’s information from the landing page.


Are you focused on conversion rates for your company sales? Unbounce is the suitable sales page builder that enables incorporating effective landing pages that convert easily. With easy to use on-page conversion technique, it assists a user in taking action on the page. Also, it helps a page visitor better opportunity to provide email with the help of popups and the like. The software offers excellent text replacement that facilitates a better SEM landing page for the targeted customers.

Pros of Unbounce

  • Easy drag and drop usage
  • Adequate text replacement for SEM campaigns
  • Use to use mobile pages
  • Incorporating sticky bars and popups as features in the pages
  • Advanced use of templates


Are you planning to include easy to use sales pages? Well, to launch a page almost instantly, Instapage will be a suitable program to use. From soloprenuers, enterprises to agencies, it offers great help in managing landing pages and boosting sales. The easy designing of the page help in the easy incorporation of the sales page. Also, by setting up easy-to-use templates, customers can easily get access to the company site. The customized templates help get better options for lead generation. Also, it offers an easy solution for Google ads, Facebook ads, and the like.

Advantages of Instapage

  • Offers perfect design of landing page
  • Easy compatibility with other platforms
  • With the help of Instablocks, drag and drop functioning makes it easy
  • Use of AMP landing page in the platform
  • Plenty of options for customized templates for different use


Easy to use drag and drop functionality has been incorporated in this sales page builder. Users can use the well-designed templates for cheap solutions. When looking for easy and cheap sales page software, this is the one. To cope up with the growing demand of the marketers, the software will be of immense help.

Advantages of Leadpages

  • Easy to incorporate Facebook ads into the software
  • Offers the built-in option for on-page payments
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Easy drag and drop functions
  • 156 template options to choose from
  • Easy to use conversion rates for the sales page


Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, this sales page software will provide you with a unique solution. With the capability of meeting out-of-the-box needs as per the client’s requirement, this is useful compared to other software in functionality. Entrepreneurs in different industries have tried funnels through this software for boosting sales. To sell online content or starting with an online business, this software can help to minimize workload.

Benefits of software

  • Offers easy accessibility
  • Provides a unique solution for beginners
  • Includes options for pre-built funnels to choose from
  • Properly tested the application on the platform
  • Helps in potential lead generation, boosting sales and accomplishing online event


The fifth one is GetResponse which is equally good like the above-mentioned ones.


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List Of Alternatives To Google Search, Chrome & Drive And Other Google Apps

Using Google search is not a great concept when it comes to personal privacy. When you use their online search engine, Google is tape-recording your IP address, search terms, user representative, and typically a distinct identifier, which is kept in cookies.

Here are ten alternatives to Google search:

StartPage– StartPage offers you Google search engine result, but without the tracking (based in the Netherlands).

SwissCows– A zero-tracking personal online search engine based in Switzerland, hosted on protected Swiss facilities.

Qwant– A personal online search engine based in France.

DuckDuckGo– A personal online search engine based in the United States.

Mojeek– The just real online search engine (instead of metasearch engine) that has its spider and index (based in the UK).

Keep in mind: Except for Mojeek, all of the personal online search engines above are technically metasearch engines, given that they source their arise from another online search engine, such as Bing and Google.

Chrome alternatives

Google Chrome is a popular web browser, but it’s also an information collection tool– and many individuals are taking notification.

Firefox web browser– Firefox is an adjustable, open-source internet browser that is popular in personal privacy circles. There are also several Firefox adjustments and tweaks that will provide you more personal privacy and security.

Iridium– Based upon open-source Chromium, Iridium provides various personal privacy and security improvements over Chrome, source code here.

Waterfox– This is a fork of Firefox that is set up for more personal privacy by default, with Mozilla telemetry removed out of the code.

Google Drive alternatives

If you’re searching for a safe and secure cloud storage alternative, you can take a look at these Google Drive alternatives:

Tresorit– An easy to use cloud storage choice based in Switzerland.

ownCloud– an open-source and self-hosted cloud platform established in Germany.

Nextcloud– Nextcloud is also an open-source, self-hosted file sharing and partnership platform, based in Germany.

Dropbox is another popular Google drive option, but it’s not the very best in regards to personal privacy.

Android options

LineageOS– An open-source and complimentary os for tablets and phones based upon Android.

Ubuntu Touch– A mobile variation of the Ubuntu os.

Plasma Mobile– An open-source, Linux-based os with active development.

Sailfish OS– Another open-source, Linux-based mobile OS.

Replicant– A completely complimentary Android circulation with a focus on security, personal privacy, and liberty.

/ e/– This is another open-source task with a concentrate on personal privacy and security.

But of course, the greatest option for Android is iOS from Apple.

Google Maps option

A map option for PCs is OpenStreetMap.

A couple of Google Maps options for mobile phones consist of:

OsmAnd is an open-source and totally free mobile maps app for both Android and iOS (based upon OpenStreetMap information).

Maps (F Android) uses OpenStreetMap information (offline).

Here WeGo supplies excellent mapping services for both PCs and mobile phones with their app.

Maps.Me is another choice that is complimentary on both Android and iOS. However, there is a reasonable quantity of information collection with this option, as described in their personal privacy policy.

MapHub is also based upon OpenStreetMap information, and it does not gather areas or user IP addresses.

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